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Meet new friends from around
the world through video chats! Play now!

Now you can discover new, like-minded people, add as friends,
and keep in touch through text messages and video calls, all through Azar!

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New friend discovery,
Just swipe & meet !

The Azar application is our first attempt at better connecting people
via instant video chats, and building new, meaningful relationships.
Swipe away as you roam from Japan to Argentina,
New York to Barcelona, not enough?
Keep swiping and we will place you in different cities around
the world, video chat with other Azar netizens!
Expose yourself to different cultures
and languages instead of sitting at home doing nothing.

Are you ready for some "swipe and meet“ action right now?

Free messaging,
Free video call

Latest updates include abilities to add friends,
send text messages, and video callbacks.

Add Friends &
Manage friend list

Friend list - What's the point of friend discovery if you
cannot keep in touch with your new friends?
We have listened to your feedback, and you can manage your
friend list simply by swiping from the left in the home screen.

Available in
18 languages,
More fun than
the basic text !

You can now talk to friends from around the globe in their native
tongue! Learn greetings and phrases in different languages
and impress your new friends using our “Say hi” system.

  • Filters for friend discovery

    Interest filters to narrow down
    friends discovery criteria.
    (regional vs global)

  • Sign up with Facebook

    You can sign up for Azar with your
    Facebook account!

  • Contact list management

    Add all the cool people to your friend
    list. Now you can build, and manage
    your contact lists from all the different
    Azar folks you have video chatted with.


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HyperRTC - Using mainly WebRTC, WebM(VP8), and Opus as the foundation of
our technology, we have been able to connect people from all over the world
in 18 different languages, and hundreds of millions of discovery conversations.
We are absolute fanatics for the WebRTC technology, and are always looking to
improve WebRTC whenever the opportunities present themselves.
Why you ask? Because not only is this one of the coolest technologies out there,
it is also one of the best tools available in achieving our vision and mission.


The company and technology behind

The Azar application is a product of Hyperconnect Inc.
Azar is our first attempt at better connecting people via instant video chats, and
building new meaningful relationships. Azar further demonstrates the ability and
robustness of our HyperRTC infrastructure (our custom modification of WebRTC)
in quickly matching and connecting hundreds of thousands of users daily,
and serving over hundreds of millions of discovery chats since inception.